Everything You Need To Know About The New Hot Wheels Red Line Club Overdrive Upgrade

13 March, 2024

Hot Wheels Red Line Club Overdrive

Mattel just dropped some major news to Hot Wheels Red Line Club members. They are announing an upgrade option to the RLC membership called Overdrive. The new initiative hopes to combat the problem collectors have been facing getting a hold of the exclusive RLC car drops when they are released making the collecting process easier and more streamlined.

The RLC Overdrive program is structured to automatically include members in each exclusive die-cast drop for the year 2024, ensuring that collectors have a hassle-free method to acquire these sought-after models. Members will have the opportunity to view and opt out of drops, providing flexibility within the automated system.

The introduction of the RLC Overdrive program represents a pivotal shift in how collectors can access and secure exclusive Hot Wheels models. As this program rolls out, it promises to offer an innovative solution for enthusiasts looking to complete their collections without the stress of rolling the dice in the ordering process when new cars drop.

Based on the average number of RLC car released we see each year, this new upgrade equals out to about $5 to $6 extra per car assuming you buy all of the cars this year.

We ask the Hot Wheels community for their views on the news, responses to the new RLC Overdrive program are varied. Some collectors view it as a strategic advantage against bots and resellers, appreciating the opportunity to secure their desired models directly. On the other hand, there is a contingent that perceives the additional fee as an unnecessary burden, arguing that access to these exclusive models should be fully covered by the standard membership fee.

To assist collectors in understanding the nuances of this new program, we have created this FAQ to answer any questions you may have.

What is the RLC Overdrive membership upgrade?

The RLC Overdrive membership upgrade is a program that allows Hot Wheels collectors to automatically purchase every 2024 RLC exclusive die-cast drop, providing a stress-free way to acquire these exclusive cars. Members are notified in advance about each drop and can opt-out of purchasing any specific car.

Where can I purcahse the RLC Overdrive upgrade?

You can purchase the upgrade from the RLC shop here.

Who is eligible for RLC Overdrive?

The program is open exclusively to US residents who have an active RLC Membership.

When does Overdrive go on sale?

The RLC Overdrive upgrade will go on sale on Friday the 15th of March, 2024 at 9am PT.

Are the Overdrive upgrades limited?

Yes. The number of upgraded memberships are limited to 10,000. Make sure you are inline to upgrade when it becomes available.

What are the costs involved in RLC Overdrive?

Members pay a non-refundable one-time fee of $99, in addition to their $9.99 RLC Membership fee. Additionally, members pay the retail price for each car they choose to receive, along with applicable shipping, handling, and taxes.

How often will RLC exclusive drops occur?

RLC exclusive die-cast drops are scheduled to happen every 1-3 weeks throughout the year.

What if I want to skip a drop?

Overdrive members have the option to skip any drop by logging into their Mattel Creations account and selecting the skip option within a 10-day window. If not enough notice is provided for a drop, Mattel Creations will facilitate a return and refund for the product.

Can I cancel my RLC Overdrive membership?

Yes, members can cancel their Overdrive membership at any time through their Mattel Creations account. However, the initial $99 fee is non-refundable.

What are the benefits of RLC Overdrive compared to regular RLC membership?

Overdrive members get early access to RLC exclusive drops before they are available to regular members and have the convenience of automatic purchases. They still must comply with purchase limits but can acquire additional items in standard drops.

Will I be able to order more than one of each car?

Through the Overdrive program, members are guaranteed to purchase only one of each car automatically. However, if the program limit is greater than one, members have the potential to purchase additional units through standard drops, adhering to the set purchase limits.

Does this include Treasure Hunt and Super Treasure Hunt Collections?

While there is no official word yet, as these sets will drop in January 2025, the answer is most likely 'No'. Overdrive only includes cars released in 2024.

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