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After being in the Hot Wheels car collecting hobby for many years one thing become very apparent. There wasn't a good online price guide to help keep track of the value of the cars in a collection. There were a few books out there but these were focused on older cars and in most cases outdated. There were a few online sites but these didn't really cover the full catalog of cars and frequently had out of date prices. Instead of waiting for someone else to develop a robust online price guide for all Hot Wheels cars, we decided to create one ourselves. HW Price Guide was born in 2022 and continues to grow to this day.

Our Mission

We strive to have the most up to date and comprehensive Hot Wheels Price Guide available. If you need to check the value of a single car or every car in your collection, we have the resources to help. We keep the freshest, most up to date price values and keep updating our catalog of cars with the latest releases from Mattel. If you are looking up the price of Treasure Hunt's, Super Treasure Hunt's, Red Line Club Cars, Premium's, Elite 64 or any other Hot Wheels release, we have the current and historical pricing information for you to use for free.

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