Is The Hot Wheels Elite 64 Toyota Chaser A Long Term Winner?

9 January, 2023

Hot Wheels Elite 64 Toyota Chaser

The first of the Hot Wheels Elite 64 cars, the Toyota Chaser, has now shipped to those lucky enough to have bought one. This means they are now showing up on the secondary market. There have been a lot of sales over the last week of the Toyota Chaser and the average price has stayed fairly consistent at $35. For a car that was originally priced at $20, that's not a bad increase in value in such a short period of time.

While it may not have as much value as some of the higher end Red Line Club cars, that's not too surprising based on the nature of the Elite 64 collection. Unlike RLC cars, no membership was required to purchase the Elite 64 Toyota Chaser. There was also no purchase limit on these cars so people could buy as many as they wanted. They are also not numbered so it's safe to assume there were a lot more manufactured than the more exclusive Red Line Club cars.

The easier access to purchasing the Toyota Chaser and the greater quantity available explains the lower resale price, but that does not mean the price won't increase over time. The Chaser is now sold out online so you can only pick it up on the secondary market. Anyone that missed out in the initial sale will need to purchase one at the higher price. This was also the first car made available from the series. As more and more cars from the Hot Wheels Elite 64 series are released for sale, more collectors will get into the series and will want to complete the set. This will mean they have to purchase the earlier models from the secondary market. Increased demand as more of the series is released will potentially increase the value of the Toyota Chaser.

Interestingly enough, even through the Toyota Chaser was the first of the Elite 64 cars released for sale, it is actually number 2 in the set. The packaging has a number 2 rather than a number 1 which begs the question, which car is number 1 and when will it be released. Hot Wheels fans are fairly certain the number 1 car will be the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL which has a tentative sale date of the 7th February, 2023.

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